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Shen Yun Reviews: Why You Should Take the Whole Family to See Shen Yun (2024)

Discover why Shen Yun Performing Arts is a must-see for the whole family! Read customer reviews, buy tickets online now, and find out why it's a world-renowned show.

Shen Yun Performing Arts is a classical Chinese dance company based in New York that tours the world with an all-new production each year. With elaborate costumes, impressive choreography, and animated backdrops, Shen Yun aims to revive traditional Chinese culture through stunning visual art.

But what are people actually saying after seeing one of Shen Yun’s performances? This complete guide to Shen Yun reviews will give you an inside look.

What is Shen Yun?

Shen Yun was founded in 2006 by elite Chinese artists who defected from China. Their mission is to bring back the lost heritage of Chinese culture before communism took over in 1949. The company is now based in upstate New York.

At the heart of every Shen Yun show is classical Chinese dance, an athletic and acrobatic art form with a history spanning thousands of years. The dancers are complemented by a live orchestra combining Chinese and western instruments, dazzling digital backdrops, intricate costumes, and story-based dance pieces.

Every year features an entirely new production with new choreography, music, costumes, and more. The shows tour to over 150 cities across the globe, making Shen Yun a truly unique cultural phenomenon.

9 Unique Characteristics of Shen Yun

To fully understand the Shen Yun spectacle, here are 9 key features that set it apart:

1. Reviving a Lost Heritage

The company sees itself as reclaiming China’s lost spiritual traditions and divine culture destroyed under communist rule.

2. Classical Chinese Dance

Shen Yun is helping preserve the purest form of classical Chinese dance, with its flips, tumbling, and gentle elegance.

3. East-West Orchestra

Shen Yun’s orchestra combines classical western instruments with ancient Chinese ones like the erhu and pipa.

4. Bel Canto Singing

The company’s vocalists utilize the bel canto technique, which was once shared between Chinese and European singing traditions.

5. Traditional Costumes

The vivid, colorful costumes are based on traditional clothing styles from imperial China.

6. Advanced Digital Backdrops

Shen Yun uses animated backdrops that interact seamlessly with the on-stage dancers.

7. Spiritual Heritage

The shows explore China’s pre-communist spiritual foundations in Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese legends.

8. All-Original Art

Each season features brand new works of choreography, music, costumes, and more.

9. Global Phenomenon

With productions circling the globe each year, Shen Yun has become a worldwide sensation.

Acclaim from Arts Critics

What are professional critics saying about Shen Yun’s productions? Here are excerpts from prominent arts reviewers:

“Absolutely the best of the long tradition of Chinese acrobatics.” – The Globe and Mail

“Awe-inspiring grace and strength … stunning costumes and digital backdrops.” – Washington Post

“Exquisitely beautiful. The choreography itself was outstanding.” – Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-Winning Actress

“The level of skill and beauty is tremendous.” – La Presse

“The visuals were magnificent, the music melodic.” – The Mercury News

“Thoroughly encompassing introduction to Chinese culture.” – The Chicago Tribune

Clearly, from top newspapers to celebrity guests, Shen Yun earns rave reviews for its artistic mastery and vibrant display of Chinese heritage. The stunning production quality wins over even the most discerning critics.

What Regular Audience Members Are Saying

Beyond professional critics, what is the normal viewer’s perspective after seeing Shen Yun live? Here are common themes from regular audience reviews:

Captivating from Start to Finish

Most describe Shen Yun as an incredibly engaging show that holds attention throughout. The seamless integration of dance, music, and visual effects creates an enthralling experience.

High Praise for Dancers

Audiences are blown away by the precision and athleticism of the Shen Yun dancers. Their skills draw comparisons to Olympic gymnasts.

Sharing Chinese Culture

Many appreciate Shen Yun for educating viewers about China’s rich cultural history through dazzling artistic displays.

Uplifting Themes

The shows’ themes of hope, spiritual heritage, and the divine are described as profoundly moving and inspirational.

A Feast for the Senses

Between the colorful costumes, animated backdrops, and live orchestra, Shen Yun is hailed as a stunning feast for the senses.

Very talented dancers that portray passion and emotion…

Their skillful execution of each step and their ability to seamlessly transition between different dance styles showcases their versatility and creativity.

Truly Awe-inspiring!

In each performance, the dancers create a magical world on stage, where their movements become a language of their own. They have the power to transport the audience to another realm, allowing them to escape reality for a brief moment.

Worth the Ticket Price

Despite the expensive tickets, most say Shen Yun is well worth the cost for a show unlike anything else.

Unique Family Experience

Many describe Shen Yun as a fun cultural outing suitable for the entire family, especially to introduce kids to Chinese arts.

The vibrant, uplifting nature of the shows resonates strongly with Shen Yun audiences. Most agree it’s an unforgettable experience steeped in China’s rich heritage.

Is Shen Yun Propaganda?

Some critics have accused Shen Yun of being propaganda for the Falun Gong spiritual movement, which is persecuted by China’s communist government. Most regular audience members disagree with this characterization for several reasons:

  • Shen Yun bills itself transparently as reviving Chinese traditions, many connected to Falun Gong.
  • The performances focus on artistry and uplifting themes, not explicit political messages.
  • Many Chinese arts groups incorporate spiritual themes like Buddhism. Singling out Shen Yun appears unfairly biased.
  • Audience members of all backgrounds find the shows engaging and eye-opening, not offensive propaganda.

While Shen Yun was founded by Falun Gong practitioners, most reviewers judge the productions on their own artistic merits. The shows succeed in showcasing the universal beauty of Chinese culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to common questions about Shen Yun performance:

What does Shen Yun specialize in?

Shen Yun specializes in classical Chinese dance, which is a highly expressive and rigorous art form that has been passed down through thousands of years of Chinese history.

Is Shen Yun affiliated with Falun Gong or Falun Dafa?

No, Shen Yun is not affiliated with Falun Gong or Falun Dafa. However, some of the performers may practice Falun Gong as part of their personal beliefs.

What is the significance of the Chinese Communist Party with Shen Yun?

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive and promote authentic Chinese culture, which includes aspects that have been suppressed or censored under the Chinese Communist Party’s rule. However, Shen Yun maintains its independence and focuses solely on the cultural and artistic aspects of traditional Chinese heritage.

What can I expect from a Shen Yun performance?

Shen Yun’s performances feature breathtaking choreography, intricate costumes, live orchestral music, and stunning animated backdrops. It is a unique and immersive experience that aims to transport the audience to the heart of traditional Chinese culture.

Why You Should Experience Shen Yun

After reading such glowing reviews, seeing Shen Yun live should be on your artistic bucket list! Here are top reasons not to miss these captivating shows:

  • Immerse yourself in the lost world of China’s divine culture
  • Witness incredible skills of classically trained dancers
  • Enjoy colorful costumes, high-energy music, and animated digital artistry
  • Appreciate a profoundly moving and family-friendly performance
  • Gain exposure to an important cultural revival and human rights message
  • Support phenomenal dancers and musicians who defected oppression in China

With an all-new production each year, Shen Yun is a must-see theatrical experience that reawakens the wonders of Chinese civilization. Don’t miss your chance to join the millions globally who have given rave reviews of these inspiring performances!