How To Stay Safe in 2021 
Covid's Second Wave - What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?
The second wave of COVID is upon us, and this one is far more lethal. How do we draw wisdom from the past and stay safe...
When the 1918 influenza (aka the Spanish Flu) first appeared, it had all the hallmarks of a seasonal flu albeit highly contagious. The virus mutated and turned deadly in a horrific "second wave" in the fall of 1918, claiming an estimated 25 million lives in a few short months.

When the dust settled, people watched in horror as the first communist nation, the Soviet Union, descended on the world, and its successor, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), emerged from the east. The 1918 influenza foretold the brutal battle between the free world and communism, those who upheld mankind's traditional belief and atheists.

In 2020 when COVID hit it was considered a virulent strain slightly more severe than the seasonal flu, just like 1918. As I write this, however, the virus has mutated. The "second wave" is already upon us.

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

First, let's reflect so we can have a deeper understanding of COVID.

COVID is the fourth and deadliest flu unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party. The previous three are the 1957 Asian Flu that killed 2 million worldwide, the 1968 Hong Kong Flu that killed 1–4 million globally, and the 2002 SARS disease. The Chinese Communist Party is almost solely responsible for all the deadliest influenza pandemics since WWII. However, the world never held the Chinese Communist Party accountable.

But why is COVID so out of control? Because we lost our vigilance against communism and atheism, because we blindly handed the Chinese Communist Party trillions of dollars, industry know-hows, and millions of our own factories. We unwittingly practiced communism by implementing many socialist programs. The communist takeover took place in broad daylight without many of us realizing it. We were infected by communism mentally before being hammered by the communist virus. Please watch the special documentary How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World.

Challenges We Face

Communism and state atheism have fundamentally altered our debates. Prior to WWI, the debates were about how to properly honor God. After the emergence of the Soviet and Chinese communist parties, the debates shifted to if God existed. In the U.S., the coastal states increasingly lean towards socialism (communism) and atheism. This departure has divided our nation in a way not seen since Abraham Lincoln. Antifa, BLM, media, social media, and academia continue to challenge our American beliefs. Almost all of them are tied to socialist and communist movements funded by foreign adversaries. We invite you to watch a short intro video and visit
What should we do?

How can we protect our lives, our loved ones, and our country?

Stop sending jobs, technology, and vital capital to the Chinese Communist Party.

Above all, reject communism and sign a petition to end the Chinese Communist Party!

The most lethal wave of the pandemic is upon us!

Reject communism, reject the CCP, and stay safe!

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